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MonedaCloud IO expects that digital currency will run our world and reshape our daily lives. Cardano is a blockchain platform with tremendous upside potential to become one of the most valuable digital ecosystems in the near future. Moreover, its technology is designed for the future of finance due to its Proof of Stake methodology, decentralized apps, and smart contracts capability. Therefore, we aim to provide outstanding support to Cardano supporters by maintaining critical infrastructure secure and reliable. Furthermore, we understand that archiving a sound balance between security and performance is essential for the Cardano ecosystem. We believe that Cardano is positioned to be a long-term player in the cryptocurrency world. We are pouring our technical knowledge, and resources into the success of our Cardano pool. Our team has five decades of IT experience in programming, Web Development, Open Source technologies, and AI.


  1. Provide reliable digital currency infrastructure to help connect the world.
  2. Support investors with curated tools and informed advice to help them on their cryptocurrency journey.
  3. Share our digital currency research and technical knowledge along the way to cryptocurrency communities and investors.
  4. Develop API tools and dApps to enhance blockchain/cryptocurrency mainstream adoption.

Projects Pipeline

  1. Cardano Light Wallet. Web and Mobile interface and Integration APIs at launch. APIs to integrate website payments and dApps using Cardano blockchain.
  2. Cardano Explorer dApp. APIs to programmatically schedule delegations to pools based on parameters defined by the protocol.
  3. Support Harmony ONE blockchain.


  • Combination of cloud deployments and dedicated bare-metal infrastructure.
  • Hardware specification exceeding recommended settings for our supported blockchains.
  • Our systems are designed and deployed with security, redundancy and reliable 24/7 operation in mind.

We are offering additional rewards to our first ten delegates for the life of the pool as long as they qualify to participate in our TOP-10/5 Reward Program. Additional rewards to our qualified delegates means higher ROI.

Last modified: March 6th, 2022

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