Get Started

1. Buy ADA - Cardano Currency:

Coinbase Exchange

2. Create a Secure Wallet:

Daedalus Desktop Wallet (full-node)

Yoroi Wallet

Atomic Wallet (Multiple Coin Support)

Daedalus vs Yoroi Explained

3. Transfer Funds to Your Wallet:

Receive ADA to Daedalus Wallet

Receive ADA to Yodoi Wallet from Binance

4. Delagate Your ADA to a Stake Pool:

Delegate using Daedalus Wallet

Choose a Stake Pool

Cardano Staking - Atomic Video

How to Stake ADA using Atomic Wallet

Cardano Staking Calculator


5. Delagate to Our Pool:

MonedaCloud [MOC]


Last modified: January 12th, 2022

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