TOP-10 Reward Program


MonedaCloud IO is donating 10% from [MOC] pool operator rewards (Fixed fee + Variable fee) to the top ten qualified delegators. The portion of the rewards will be distributed proportionally to all delegators in the TOP-10 Reward Program. A maximum of ten delegators will be participating in the program at any given time. Payouts will be made at the end of every epoch, if applicable.


The variable fees will be adjusted depending on the total amount of stake. This variable fee system helps support the pool's operations and delegators in the TOP-10 program. Therefore, we are balancing with relatively low fees supporting the rest of the delegators not in the program.

Any stake/delegation under this program does not involve sending your funds to another wallet, freezing your assets, or utilizing smart contracts. To participate, an ADA holder must delegate their stake to [MOC] using any official Cardano wallet.

Stake in ADA Variable fee*
Less than 2 Millions 0.0%
2,000,000 ₳ 0.5%
3,000,000 ₳ 1.0%
5,000,000 ₳ 1.5%
10,000,000 ₳ 2.0%
20,000,000 ₳ 2.5%
30,000,000 ₳ 3.0%
40,000,000+ ₳ 3.5%

How to qualify for our TOP-10 Reward Program

  1. Delegators must stake a minimum of 10K ADA to MonedaCloud [MOC], a registered Cardano stake pool.
  2. Delegators must meet their minimum stake to maintain their status active in the program. Once a participant transfers or undelages their ADA from [MOC] stake pool, he/she will become inactive from the program. The next qualified stake/delegation in line will take its place in the queue.
  3. Delegators in the queue can increase their stake over time, adjusting their stake in the program.
  4. The order in which qualified delegators enter the program matters. The first top five in the queue will be locked in place not losing their place in the program as long as they meet their minimum stake.

TOP-10 Delegator Queue

# Addr
1st locked stake1u89fr...
Stand-by -

Last modified: July 15th, 2024

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