TOP-10 Reward Program


MonedaCloud IO is sharing 10% of [MOC] pool operator rewards (Fixed fee + Variable fee) to the top ten delegators. The portion of the rewards will be distributed proportionally to all qualified delegators. There will be a maximum of ten delegators participating in the program at any given time. Payouts will be made at the end of every epoch if applicable.

How to qualify for the Top-10 Reward Program

  1. Delegators must stake a minimum of 10K ADA to MonedaCloud Stake Pool [MOC].
  2. Delegators must meet their minimum stake to maintain their status active in the program. Once a participant undelages their ADA, he/she will become inactive from the program. Next delegate in line will take his/her place.
  3. Top ten qualified delegates can increase their stake over time.
  4. The order in which qualified delegators enter the program matters. The first TOP-10 will be locked in place not losing their place in the program as long as they meet their minimum stake.

Last modified: February 2nd, 2022

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